What We Do

We provide a trusted place where organic & natural products created with care for ingredients, and for the environment can be easily found.

We find the best suppliers and makers of natural and organic products that you won’t find on the high street. If you care about how things get made and what’s in them, we bring you products created with care.

We promote small craft sellers, micro product makers, as well as more established brands. Our sellers manage their shops independently, so they keep their business how they want it and customers get a truly personal service.

Why We Do It

We want to make it easy to find the good stuff. We want everyone to be able to choose products that have less environmental impact.

Our passion is for our planet. We believe it should be easy to live well, and care for the environment and the natural world. Why not?

By supporting the natural and organic trade, we can promote its benefits and support wider issues that mean a lot to us.

Our market isn’t going to save the world. But it might help in a small way to increase sustainability. And that’s OK with us.